Sumner County Schools

Jami Warren, Instructional Coordinator, (615) 451- 7013


Sumner County provides educational support to more than 600 English Learners from approximately 30 Zamuel and Renedifferent language backgrounds. Students who did not learn English as their first language or who speak another language in the home are given an assessment in reading, writing, listening and speaking English. If needed, they receive additional language support and instruction until they are proficient in all these areas. EL classes for most students are for one hour every day. More fluent students may have only 30-45 minutes of EL instruction daily.

The EL department also provides activities for learning in the summer and after school, and several family literacy and college planning events throughout the year. Each regular Sumner County school has an EL teacher for at least part of the day or for consultation services.

If you speak Spanish, you may call 451-7013 . Please leave a message and your call will be returned.

Si Usted habla espaƱol, puede llamar al 451-7013. Deje su mensaje, y le regresaremos la llamada.

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