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Developing Gifted Potential into Performance


Sumner County Schools is committed to providing opportunities to nurture, challenge, and develop potential of gifted learners.  We recognize that intellectually gifted students have unique needs which warrant differentiated curriculum and programming.  Gifted children differ from others in learning ability; they learn faster, have wider interests, have greater capacity to learn material, and think with greater depth about what they learn.  A continuum of services is designed to enhance critical, conceptual, and abstract thinking, problem-solving, and creativity within content areas.


Our mission is to guide gifted learners to realize and utilize their potential.


Our vision is to meet the needs of gifted learners, all day, every day.


Opportunities for gifted learners are provided in accordance with their intellectual abilities and academic aptitudes. Gifted education teachers help facilitate instruction for gifted learners within the regular classroom by providing support, resources, and specific strategies that equip teachers to challenge gifted students. Gifted learners may also participate in a gifted pull-out class 2-3 times per week that will develop critical thinking and creative problem solving applied to advanced academic content and problems.

Program Goals

• To develop critical, conceptual, and abstract thinking within content areas

• To develop creative problem-solving within content areas

• To promote positive affective development


Please contact your child’s Gifted Itinerant Teacher for more information.

Additional Resources


Dr. Vicki Phelps, Consulting Teacher for Gifted Education

Kayren Craighead, Special Education Coordinator

Pupil Services, Sumner County Schools

695 E. Main Street Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

(615) 451-5414

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