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1.    From the Sumner Schools website, click on Careers near the top of the page.
2.    Click Current Openings.  (This will take you to our online application system.)
3.    Click Create an Account.

Note: You must have an email address to create an account and complete your application process.This is how you will receive further instructions throughout the application process. Complete each page of the application. Click save at the end of each page to proceed to the next page of the application. Attach official transcripts if applicable.

4.    Once you have completed the application. you should receive a Success! message.
5.    You must contact a Sumner County Schools' principal about submitting a request to hire for you to be a substitute teacher.
6.    An email will be sent to the email address you provided on your application once the request to hire is received in Human Resources Department. The email will also instruct you to follow the Background Check Instructions which can also be found by clicking on Careers on the Sumner Schools' website.
7.    When your background check clears, you will receive another email with instructions to log into your application. Click the HR Docs tab and complete all pending items. On the processing sign off sheet, initial all documents found there. Please read each document before you initial. You can read and print each one by clicking on HERE at the end of each line. Your signature on these documents will be the same as your login password. Be sure to click Submit at the end of the page.
8.    After these documents are submitted you will be contacted by email to schedule your final processing in the Human Resources Department at the Sumner County Board of Education. You will need to bring your 2 forms of approved 1-9 documents, voided check, fingerprinting receipt for reimbursement (if eligible), and any official college transcripts applicable.

You must complete this Final Processing step BEFORE you are eligible to accept any substitute assignments in the system.

Pay scale for substitute teachers is as follows:
Substitute in a classified position is $51.00 daily.
Substitute in a certified position if you have a 4 year college degree (or higher) is $75.00 daily.
Substitute in a certified position and have an active Tennessee teaching license is $100.00 daily.
Substitute Retired Certified from Sumner County is $100.00 a day
(All degrees must be documented with the Human Resources Department)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher for Sumner County Schools.

Click Here to download PDF instructions 
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