Sumner County Schools

Safe Schools, Healthy Students Office -(615) 451-6500 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Coordinator

The Safe Schools, Healthy Students Office is responsible for school climate and culture development, bullying, substance abuse and violence prevention activities and programs in all Sumner County schools. The focus is on reducing risk factors for young people by promoting protective factors.


  • Character Education
  • Olweus Bullying Prevention Program 
  • Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Week
  • Mentoring program
  • School Resource Officer Program 
  • Crisis Response Plans and Drills
  • Child Abuse Reporting
  • Students of Violent Crimes Reporting
  • Bullying Incident Reporting
  • CARE Teams
  • Just Say No 
  • STARS student assistance counselors 
  • FACE It mandatory parent program at RT Fisher
  • System-wide School Climate Annual Surveys
  • Faculty/Staff Self-Care Campaign - O2: A Self Care Campaign for Educators


  • Prevention Specialists – Beth Martin, Nancy Morris, Jerrica Mayo

    The Prevention Specialists work in all middle and high schools focusing on school climate and culture, alcohol, drug and violence prevention and social and emotional learning.  They facilitate classroom, school wide and district wide programs that educate and raise awareness, as well as a campaign to encourage educator self-care.

    Prevention Specialists gather, interpret and share data with administration to help recognize student needs and attitudes. This is accomplished through an annual school climate survey and school level observation


         The goal of the program is to strengthen students’ attachment to school, improve their academic performance, and successfully engage students and families             in school-based cultural, technological, recreational and academic activities in a safe learning environment.  Unity.Com is currently in operation in four                         elementary schools, eight middle schools, and three high schools. 


  • McKinney-Vento Homeless  - Maureen Wright – Coordinator; Marijo Monette – Project Director

         Educational services for homeless students; weekend food backpack program, school supplies for needy; any services to meet the needs of homeless   



  • Family Resource Center Program  -  Mike Shelton, Director

         Located on the Central Office campus, the Family Resource Center offers support and referral information to families within Sumner County.  The center is                 open to students and their families and all services are free.  The Family Resource Center is also responsible for the school system’s elementary mentoring               program.  The mentoring program provides school-based mentoring utilizing adult volunteers from the community.  


        Coordinated School Health (CSH) is a grant program that connects the health of students to learning.  Programs focus on improving students' health and their            capacity to learn through personal responsibility, and the support of families, communities and the school.  The 8 components of Coordinated School Health –            Nutrition, Mental Health, Health Education, Physical Activity, Healthy School Environment, Health Services, Staff Wellness, and Student, Family and                            Community Partners.


  • Crisis Social Workers - Juliana Adenake, Kim Calhoun, Jinny Glasco, Stephanie Trawick

       The Safe Schools, Healthy Students Crisis Social Workers respond to Sumner County students regarding mental health needs and provide follow up care to             students and families.

Jason Foundation Parent Resource Program

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.